December 12

How to Change Your Home Furniture on a Budget

wassily chair in an online store on budget

Have you noticed that your neighbors or even your own mother or another family member tends to change the furniture and decorations at home almost every New Years? It’s apparently a sign that brings good luck and change that is quite soothing to the eyes after it’s finished. Oh, and it also takes a huge portion of your finances because furniture definitely do not come cheap especially if you’re looking for branded ones or new ones in furniture stores. It’s nice to update your room into something more comfortable but it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

Here are tips in helping you find ways to change your furniture while making sure that you budget your money:

Add some slipcovers and pillows

Pre-made slipcovers or made to order slipcovers can bring a drastic change to any room of your house by giving it life through different colors. Usually, slipcovers are placed on sofas and chairs. Don’t forget to match the styles and colors of your slipcovers with your living room decor or else everything will look like a rainbow colored mess.

There are also the pillows or decorative throws on your sofa and some nice wassily chairs that cost less than slipcovers and they also add to giving your living room a brand new look!

Instead of using a carpet, use area rugs

If your living room is large enough to leave more than one seating area, an area rug is better than a carpet that reaches all your walls. Each area rug determines the areas where you can sit on and they are great additions to compliment your decoration motifs. They also look pretty on tile floors and on hardwood floors. Area rugs are also pretty handy when children or you accidentally stain the carpet.

Have new decoration ideas for your walls

Hang new photographs of your family on your walls for your guests to admire. Paintings and other modern artworks are great decorations, as well. Place the photograph in special frames to give them a more special feel. Add clocks as well and make sure that they fit perfectly with your style and decors. The most suggested ones are grandfather clocks which can be mounted to your wall or just being left standing in one side of the wall. There are cloth wall hangings you can hang above your couch or chairs which is apparently the rage nowadays.

Change your living room’s lighting

The difference lighting brings to the room is pretty significant because it can lighten up the darkest corners of your living room! Having adorable little display candles are also wonderful to provide perfect lighting and gives off a warm atmosphere for special events that include a romantic evening that are held in the living room most likely to celebrate anniversaries or birthday dates.

Organize your furniture properly

To save on money better, you can try changing the places where your furniture is placed instead of buying new ones. It definitely doesn’t give you a new set of furniture to admire but it helps you keep the furniture you have which has its own sentimental value. It does, however, bring change to the positions of the furniture and you can even enjoy them to a maximum level of comfort without worrying about the space!

Add more decorating ideas to your home

Bring out your home’s natural beauty by placing a decorative vase full of flowers or silk plants on a table by the entrance or by the hall. It gives out a fresh and warm feeling to the place and can even add its own feminine touch.

Make your backyard or your home with unique water fountains or even beautiful statues of weeping angels. Yes, weeping angels because they’re very unique. The uniqueness of your ornaments has their own charms that provide great attractions to your visitors!

Make sure to try these ideas for you to enjoy your new living room that you have exerted extra effort in changing and improving and made sure to make it pretty by adding different kinds of new decorations — or have at least changed their positions so they won’t look dull. The best part of this is that you’ve actually managed to keep your budget and may have even spent less amounts of money than expected!

December 9

Pallet Furniture Projects

I want to start my first post by showing you a great tutorial on how to create your own pallet furniture right at home with some basic tools.
Everything is step by step so you don’t have to guess anything…
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